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Trackscan Compact

Trackscan Compact

The TSC trolley measures track geometry. The measurement
results include values of track gauge, cant, horizontal and vertical irregularities along with the calculated gradient and twist parameters.
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Trackscan Cadd-e

Trackscan Cadd-e

The Trackscan Cadd-e is equipped with the laser-inertial
non-contact measurement system. The system measures track geometry parameters and both rail cross-section profiles...
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Trackgauge Digital

Trackgauge Digital

The TGD portable measuring device evaluates the track
and switch geometry. The device is lightweight, reliable,
easy-to-use, and it is operated by an application on the Android.
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Trackscan Profile

Trackscan Profile

The trolley measures track geometry as well as railway and
tramway rail head profiles and records results of track condition visual inspections.
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Trackgauge Solar

Trackgauge Solar

The TGS digital track and turnout gauge measures track
and turnout geometry. The TGS is equipped with a solar battery enabling continuous operation and a colour display.
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Laser Measurement Systems

Laser Measurement Systems

The measured wheel profile parameters include the entire wheel tread profile, flange height Sh, flange width Sw, slope qR, wheel diameter D, and back-to-back distance Az.
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Track measurement

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The Trackscan Cadd-e trolley is equipped with the laser inertial non-contact measurement system. The system measures track geometry parameters and both rail cross-section profiles, calculating the rail head wear. A built-in GPS controller provides information on the measurementroute. 

The device meets requirements of the EN 13848 - 4 standard

Dedicated PC software delivered with the system makes it possible to carry out extensive measurement data analysis   and reporting.

The measurement data is displayed on a weatherresistant and ruggedised PC based control unit providing the operator with comfortable working conditions at night (backlight), day (visibility even in direct sunlight) and with comfortable touch screen display.

Built-in functionality allows the user to compare measurements taken at different periods of time. All measurements are presented in the form of graphs with selected parameters exceeding the specified tolerance, there are also icons showing track defects observed by trolley operators during measurements. Track geometry reports can be saved in Word, Excel, PDF, CSV formats. The software enables exporting data and printing reports. The standard version of the software provides capabilities of generating reports for:
  • Charting measurement data,
  • The report numerical measurement results,
  • The report defects,
  • The report performance indicators.
By saving the GPS position, measurement results can be displayed on maps.

The system allows the measurement of the rail head cross-section. Measured results are automatically analyzed and parameters of wear are automatically calculated. The results of these calculations are presented in the form of graphs.

The software makes it possible to perform detailed analysis of selected cross-sections and compare them with nominal profiles. Results of railhead wear analyzes can be printed as reports or saved to DXF files.

Screenshot of the PC measurement data analysis and reporting software delivered with the Trackscan Cadd-e

Measurement data analysis and reporting software delivered with the trolley is compatible with Windows XP or higher. Advanced software makes it possible to analyze all measured parameters, show measured parameters on charts, show measured parameters in numerical tables, show measured rail profiles, define set of tolerances, calculate typical track performance indicators, e.g. standard deviation, generate reports, etc.

An example of automatic calculation of rail head wear

The trolley memory size is big enough to store up to 56 000 km of track geometry data or railhead profiles from 260 km length. Saved measurements are copied to the office system via the USB port.


Measurement Range Track Gauge: -15 ÷ +50 mm
Cant (Crosslevel): ±225 mm
Vertical Versines: ±20.0 mm
Horizontal Versines: ±70.0 mm
Alignment (D1): ±50 mm
Longitudinal level (D1): ±50 mm
Railhead profile and wear: Vignol and grooved rails
Satellite localisation (GPS)
Measurement Accuracy Track Gauge: ±1 mm
Cant (Crosslevel): ±3 mm
Vertical Versines: ±2 mm/10 m
Horizontal Versines: ±2 mm/10 m
Alignment (D1): ±1.5mm
Longitudinal level (D1): ±1 mm
Railhead profile and wear: Vignol and grooved rails: ±0.3 mm
Satellite localisation (GPS): ±5 m
Based on parameters listed above, the following values are calculated: twist, gradient, and railhead wear. Versines may be obtained for chord lengths of up to 20 m.
Operating speed Max 16 km/h
Autonomy-operating distance 60 km (to be adjusted as per Customer’s requirement)
Operating temperature 0 ÷ +45°C
Operating humidity 15 ÷ 85% (no condensation)


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