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Trackscan Compact

Trackscan Compact

The TSC trolley measures track geometry. The measurement
results include values of track gauge, cant, horizontal and vertical irregularities along with the calculated gradient and twist parameters.
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Trackscan Cadd-e

Trackscan Cadd-e

The Trackscan Cadd-e is equipped with the laser-inertial
non-contact measurement system. The system measures track geometry parameters and both rail cross-section profiles...
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Trackgauge Digital

Trackgauge Digital

The TGD portable measuring device evaluates the track
and switch geometry. The device is lightweight, reliable,
easy-to-use, and it is operated by an application on the Android.
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Trackscan Profile

Trackscan Profile

The trolley measures track geometry as well as railway and
tramway rail head profiles and records results of track condition visual inspections.
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Trackgauge Solar

Trackgauge Solar

The TGS digital track and turnout gauge measures track
and turnout geometry. The TGS is equipped with a solar battery enabling continuous operation and a colour display.
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Laser Measurement Systems

Laser Measurement Systems

The measured wheel profile parameters include the entire wheel tread profile, flange height Sh, flange width Sw, slope qR, wheel diameter D, and back-to-back distance Az.
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Track measurement

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The trolley measures track and turnout geometry as well as records results of track condition visual inspections. The trolley is easy to use and has a modular design enabling its transport by one person and fixing on a track in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the possibility of using the trolley on any track gauge significantly increases work productivity.   

Measurement results such as values of width, cant, horizontal and vertical irregularities, covered distances and GPS positions are recorded in the device memory on a real-time basis. During turnout measurements, operator activates the turnout mode enabling the recording of measurement results related to groove widths and check-rail gauges. All measured parameters are recorded using a measurement increment of 30 mm. In addition, at each characteristic point the operator can stop the trolley and save values of all parameters required in accordance with a previously prepared set of characteristic points.

The trolley can be easily and quickly (ca. 26 kg in weight) removed from a track to allow the safe passage of trains. Measurements can be instantly resumed without calibration or zeroing. 

The TEC trolley meets the requirements of the EN 13848-4 standard. Measurement results generated by the trolley are consistent with the requirements of the Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK). The trolley is supplied with the entire list of sets of characteristic points required by Internal Instruction Id-4.

The trolley is provided with a colourful backlit display and a comfortable keyboard (typical of other GRAW products). Measurement results and information about exceedings of allowed values are perfectly visible even at night. Dedicated keys of typical defects facilitate the recording and annotation of cracks in welds or rails, missing bolts, sleepers requiring replacement, etc.

The trolley control panel can be removed, facilitating the overview of results after the completion of measurements. The transfer of data to a PC is performed via a USB Pendrive.

The trolley is supplied with the GeoTEC System software (for PCs) enabling, among other things, the graphic presentation and comparison of measurement results as well as the printing of measurement reports or calculating typical track quality factors. Measurement results are also available in the tabular form containing track defect locations. Measurement data can be exported in MS Word, MS Excel and PDF formats.


In addition, the turnout module of the GeoTEC System software can be used to modify and create new sets of characteristic points, including information about measured parameters, nominal values and allowed tolerances in relation to various types of turnouts.  

Screenshot of the PC measurement data analysis and reporting software delivered with the trolley


Measured parameters Track gauge, cant, vertical irregularities, horizontal irregularities, grooves
Measurement increment 0.5 m (31 mm in the turnouts)
Ranges Track gauge: -15 ÷ +50 mm of the nominal value
Cant: ±200 mm
Vertical irregularities: ±2 mm
Horizontal irregularities: ±5 mm
Grooves: 35 ÷ 110 mm
Accuracy Track gauge: from ±0.5 mm
Cant: ±1.5 mm
Vertical irregularities: ±0.2 mm
Horizontal irregularities: ±0.2 mm
Grooves: ±0.5mm
Operating conditions Temperature: -20 ÷45 °C
Humidity: 15 ÷ 85%, no condensation
Memory capacity 60 000 km (2 500 km in the turnout)
Weight 25.6 kg
Functionality Trolley records the measurement route using the on-board GPS receiver
Display legible even in direct sunlight, as well as in the tunnel; visual signalling of exceedings
Durable battery lasting up to 10 hours of continuous operation (optionally, the trolley may be equipped with the hot swappable external batteries)
Transferring of the measurement data to the PC via a USB Pendrive
Software for printing measurement reports, archiving and comparing measurement results
Optionally available Replaceable batteries making continuous operation possible
Availability The trolley is available for all track gauges, e.g.: 914, 1000, 1067, 1435, 1520, 1524, 1600, 1668, 1676 mm
Calculated parameters Width gradient
Track twist
Horizontal and vertical irregularities on a chord of up to 20 m
Data formats PDF, MS Word, MS Excel


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